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The Standard Metagame at Grand Prix Lyon

Last weekend, Biagio Ruocco won the Standard Grand Prix at MagicFest Lyon, playing Mono-Red Aggro.

In this article, you can find a deeper dive into the Day 2 metagame.

Top 64 Grand Prix Lyon Decklists

Final standingDeck archetypePlayer nameSwiss match points
1Mono-Red AggroRuocco, Biagio37
2Temur ReclamationLeroy, Quentin37
3Sultai MidrangeMurgey, Alexandre37
4Mono-Red AggroGarnham, Matthew36
5Bant RampMoscato, Adriano38
6Rakdos SacrificeGarchery, Quentin37
7Bant RampTedeschi, Davide36
8Rakdos SacrificeCarbonell, Leo36
9Temur ReclamationGonzalez, David36
10Bant RampKrebs, Maximilian36
11Temur ReclamationGouzy, Jean36
12Jund FoodRolph, Sam34
13Temur CloverTwist, Lukas34
14Jeskai FiresParisi, Alessandro34
15Gruul AggroGreco, Massimo34
16Sultai MidrangeHautot, Mathieu33
17Temur FlashLippi, Alessandro33
18Bant RampPascual Perez, Francisco33
19Jeskai FiresKrochmaluk, Alexi33
20Jund FoodVinci, Stefano33
21Rakdos KnightsMarty, Toni33
22Mono-Red AggroEtchegoyhen, Morgan33
23Temur ReclamationHuschenbeth, Arne33
24Mono-Red AggroBehrens, Kai33
25Bant RampZimmermann, Martin33
26Simic FlashMaiocco, Marco33
27Temur CloverGras, Clement32
28Rakdos SacrificeBornoz, Tristan32
29Rakdos SacrificeRamboa, Thierry31
30Temur CloverGonzalez Hidalgo, Francisco Jose31
31Temur ReclamationFortier, Remi31
32Rakdos SacrificeMaubert, Noham31
33Temur CloverJochum, Arnaud31
34Bant RampHauck, Christian31
35Temur ReclamationMechin, Thomas31
36Temur CloverNielsen, Simon31
37Mono-Red AggroSarfis, Gabriel30
38Simic ReclamationPerbet, Guillaume30
39Temur CloverGarcia Munoz, Oscar30
40Temur CloverAllingham, James30
41Rakdos SacrificeMery, Theau30
42Bant RampZuger, Christoph30
43Sultai MidrangeLagarde, Antoine30
44Temur CloverVan Der Beek, Laurens30
45Sultai MidrangeZaffaina, Nicolo30
46Temur FlashEstratti, Samuele30
47Temur CloverWickham, Charles30
48Mono-Red AggroChapelle, Leo30
49Bant RampGuichard, Louis30
50Temur CloverGuillaumont, Antonin30
51Mono-Red AggroBitzberger, Eric30
52Bant RampPacheco, Omar29
53Bant RampLeigh, Simon29
54Mono-Red AggroSarton, Clement28
55Temur CloverMartin, Maxime28
56Temur CloverDreimanis, Gints28
57Temur CloverDe Haan, Rob28
58Jeskai FiresRauser, Thomas28
59Bant RampDe Luca, Daniele28
60Izzet FlashSummersberger, Helmut28
61Temur ReclamationKoch, Florian28
62Temur ReclamationGanz, Andreas28
63Temur CloverBonde, Michael28
64Bant RampMarion, Damien28

The Day 2 Lyon Metagame Overview

The Standard decks of the players who made Day 2 at Grand Prix Lyon break down as follows.

GP Lyon Day 2 Metagame

Several developments stand out:

  • The rise of Temur Clover. It got a huge popularity boost after Aaron Gertler’s win at the DreamHack Arena Open. Nevertheless, the deck seemed to underperform on Day 2 of Grand Prix Lyon, as no Temur Clover players made Top 8 and there was only one in the Top 24.
  • The fall of Azorius Control. This is largely due to bad matchups against Temur Clover.
  • The rise of Bant Ramp and Sultai Midrange. Both are powerful homes for Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Hydroid Krasis. Many Azorius Control players may have flocked to Bant Control, which is more pro-active and less vulnerable to an opposing Teferi, Time Raveler. One reason for the resurgence of Sultai Midrange is that Casualties of War is a good answer to Lucky Clover.
  • The rise of Rakdos Sacrifice. MPL members Raphael Levy and Chris Kvartek played the deck at the Mythic Point Challenge to good results, and many players followed. Two Rakdos Sacrifice players made Top 8 in Lyon.

The Sweetest Brews

Several spicy decks performed well last weekend, and I would like to highlight three of them.

Temur Flash - Alessandro Lippi, 11-4 at GP Lyon (Standard)

This deck can be characterized as a Simic Flash deck that splashes for Bonecrusher Giant. It also has Ionize instead of Sinister Sabotage, along with several burn spells in the sideboard. This comes at the cost of additional shock lands, as well as a Mountain that might make Frilled Mystic more difficult to cast. But the red splash provides good answers to annoying creatures like Edgewall Innkeeper, Runaway Steam-Kin, or Priest of Forgotten Gods that otherwise go under your countermagic. Alessandro Lippi and Samuele Estratti, two veteran Italian Magic players, played the same main deck to an 11-4 and 10-5 finish, respectively.

Gruul Aggro - Massimo Greco, 11-3-1 at GP Lyon (Standard)

This deck can either be described as either Mono-Red Aggro splashing for Questing Beast or Gruul Adventure with Anax instead of Edgewall Innkeeper. While there are a lot of individually powerful creatures, I am skeptical of the mana base: There are 17 red sources for Anax and 14 green sources for Questing Beast, both of which are on the low side. For this reason, I doubt that this deck is actually better than Gruul Adventure or Mono-Red Aggro, but Massimo Greco showed that power over consistency is sometimes worth it, as he piloted his deck to a 11-3-1 record at Grand Prix Lyon.

Simic Reclamation - Guillaume Perbet, 10-5 at GP Lyon (Standard)

Is it Temur Reclamation without the red? Or Simic Flash with Wilderness Reclamation? Well, this deck does not have the capability of casting enormous, game-winning Expansion // Explosions, nor does it have the capability to mount an early offense with Brineborn Cutthroat. But unlike Temur Reclamation, it can use Nightpack Ambusher to dominate the mid-game. And unlike Simic Flash, it can combine Wilderness Reclamation with Castle Vantress or Thassa’s Intervention for late-game staying power. It’s an interesting mix of strategies that Guillaume Perbet took to a 10-5 record at Grand Prix Lyon.


Standard remains in flux. Only a few weeks ago, Azorius Control was dominating the format. Now, Bant Ramp has become the Shatter the Sky deck of choice, and Temur Clover has emerged as the Deck to Beat (even though it was beaten on Day 2 in Lyon). Meanwhile, some players are finding success with experimental fringe archetypes, showing that there are still many directions to explore in Standard.

And yet, some things don’t change. The finals was a match between Mono-Red Aggro versus Temur Reclamation, two decks that have been around for ages. Even if the Standard metagame is changing rapidly, the proven strategies are still putting up great results.

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