Puzzle: Wayback Playback: Revisiting an Hour of Devastation Classic

It’s time for another Possibility Storm puzzle!

The puzzle crew takes us back in time this week with a throwback to Hour of Devastation! Way back before people discovered how broken Hollow One could be, people were still beating it in puzzles. Can you figure this tricky artifact-centric riddle?

Good luck!

Possibility Storm MTG puzzle

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1. Cast Hedron Archive.

2. Cast Metalwork Colossus for 0 mana, since you control a total of 11 converted mana cost worth of noncreature artifacts.

3. Use two remaining lands to activate Mirage Mirror, targeting Metalwork Colossus.

4. Before that resolves, use two mana from Hedron Archive to activate Mirage Mirror again, targeting Multiform Wonder.

5. Let the Wonder copying resolve, but before the Colossus copying does, use the Mirrored Multiform Wonder’s ability to spend your one energy to give it flying.

6. Then let the Colossus copying resolve, and get this, it keeps the flying. (Copiable traits are what’s printed on the card. The Wonder’s temporarily flying ability belongs to the Mirror all turn long, regardless of what else it becomes.)

7. The hard part’s over. Now just swing for 10.


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Thanks for playing – see you again next week!

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