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Puzzle: Before the Stroke of Midnight

Hello and welcome back for another week of Possibility Storm MTG puzzles!

In today’s puzzle, you’ve got some of the cast of Cinderella up against a series of blockers, and like everything these days, Oko is involved too. Can you solve the puzzle before Cinderella’s carriage turns back into a pumpkin? (Although actually in this case, it wouldn’t!)

Possibility Storm puzzle

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1. Use Oko to turn Nullhide Ferox into an Elk.
2. (Optional) Crew Enchanted Carriage with the two Mouse tokens, but it doesn't actually matter since it will remain a 0/0. (Just wanted to throw that in there for some random rules knowledge.)
3. Play your Island, cast Taste of Death. Your opponent loses their board, and you keep the 4/4 Carriage and 3/3 Wicked Wolf.
4. Sacrifice the three Food tokens made by Taste of Death to pump the Wolf to 6/6, and attack for lethal!


The Throne of Eldraine competitive puzzle season is underway. Check out the leaderboard to see how the quest for prizes is going so far!

Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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