One Game – Abzan Aggro vs. Green Devotion

This week I’m trying something new. I played in a Standard 2-man and will walk you through each of my decisions in the game. I played Abzan Aggro with Courser of Kruphix over Wingmate Roc.


On the draw this seems like a pretty clear cut keep regardless of what matchup I face.


Here I have my first interesting decision. I decided to put Murderous Cut on the top of my library since it seemed like it was clearly an above average card to draw, any land being terrible and more creatures would be mediocre. I was concerned that with no way to put cards into my graveyard its cost would be prohibitive, but I didn’t want to risk having no answer to a card like Polukranos—the hallmark of any green ramp deck and a problematic card for my draw.


This looked to be a pretty clear mistake by my opponent attacking with his Satyr token. I ended up getting a free Courser of Kruphix kill out of the deal and him being able to make more Satyrs over the course of the game was less meaningful given my Bile Blight.


I could have played Bile Blight on Elvish Mystic here and killed Xenagos but I decided not to do that because I thought there was a solid chance he had another Xenagos in his hand and I didn’t want to use my Bile Blight and also fall too far behind. I attacked Xenagos with Deathdealer, he chose not to block, so I pumped and passed fully expecting him to play a Xenagos and attack with everything, and I could use my Bile Blight then to get an extra Satyr out of the deal. Turns out his followup was Hornet Queen. I used Bile Blight then to kill all the Hornet tokens.


This was the first Genesis Hydra of the game and it showed just how quickly the game can spiral out of control against a Green Devotion deck.


Here I made my best block and my opponent used monstrosity on Polukranos for 3 shooting Siege Rhino. I didn’t accomplish much but I was able to preserve my life total, kill the Genesis Hydra, and put enough cards into my graveyard to Murderous Cut Polukranos at end of turn. Things were looking up.


Up next was a Genesis Hydra for 6 which nabbed a Xenagos, and although I was not dead I was quickly falling behind on the board. I used the Bile Blight off the top of my library to kill that Hornet Queen but I needed something better than that to fully stabilize.


Even after this attack I was at 1 life with a Courser of Kruphix in play, so it wasn’t inconceivable that I could recover.


Then came a Genesis Hydra for 10 hitting Whisperwood Elemental. I had no cards in my deck that could dig me out of such a hole.


A few turns later I was dead. I went to sideboarding and only made one adjustment -1 Courser of Kruphix +1 Murderous Cut.

I ended up winning the next two games to take the match 2-1 and I feel that I wasn’t incredibly lucky to do so. In the first game I never saw Thoughtseize, Hero’s Downfall, or Abzan Charm (until the game had already been decided) and those are clearly my best cards in the matchup. His draw was exceptionally good, and, without the third Genesis Hydra for 10, I may have still had a shot.

That was my first edition of One Game. I hope you enjoyed it!

Owen Turtenwald
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnuj on Magic Online

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