News Brief: Modern Horizons, Magic Pro League and GP Kansas City

We’re over the horizon! This is your week in Magic news.

Modern Horizons

It’s here. On Friday we finally got to see the complete card list for Modern Horizons. The set, which will bypass standard but will be legal for Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and Commander, features 254 cards (plus a Flusterstorm Buy-a-Box promo). Each booster will contain an art card and a full art Snow-Covered Basic Land. These lands will remain in packs when drafted as Snow is a theme in the set. The tokens of Modern Horizons will be two-sided 75% of the time. The other 25%? You’ll get a foil, single-faced token.

Modern Horizons goes on sale June 14. The Prerelease weekend will be June 8 and 9.

Magic Pro League Updates

We are one week from the end of the Spark Split. After the June 7th broadcast, each division winner will be known. These four players will each receive a bye into the second day of the Arena Mythic Championship June 21-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brian Braun-Duin leads the Pearl Division with a 5-1 record while Eric Froehlich, Andrew Cuneo, and Javier Dominguez are technically alive with identical 4-2 records. Rei Sato has a 5-1 record to lead the Sapphire Division with Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa the only player in striking distance at 4-2. Ken Yukuhiro leads the Ruby Division at 5-1 but William Jensen is alive with a 4-1 record going into the final week. Brad Nelson leads the Emerald Division with a pristine 6-0 record but can still be caught by the 5-1 players – Seth Manfield and Martin Juza. You can find the complete standings here.

This week also saw the newest additions to the MagicPro League play their first matches. Janne Mikkonen has a 1-3 record after his four matches. Jessica Estephan sits at 2-3.

Grand Prix Kansas City

Standard continues to be the name of the game. The Grand Prix at MagicFest Kansas City was just the latest major tournament to feature War of the Spark Standard. With only three weeks until the Mythic Championship, the format continues to take shape. In Kansas City, 859 players came to see if their take on Standard was the correct one for the weekend.

While many believe Mono-Red Aggro to be the best deck on Arena, only one copy made the Top 8. In fact, there were eight different archetypes in the Top 8: Esper Hero, Izzet Phoenix, Mono-Red Aggro, Bant Ramp, Bant Midrange, Gruul Midrange, Simic Nexus, and Boros Aggro.

When the dust settled it was Ben Friedman, piloting Esper Hero, hoisting the trophy. Friedman credited Martin Mueller and Andrea Mengucci for the deck which varies from other builds by cutting Thief of Sanity. With the Pro Points earned at the Grand Prix, Friedman also was able to become the last player to earn Platinum Status in the Pro Players Club, which will be discontinued later this year.

Looking Forward

Next week the Grand Prix circuit travels to MagicFest Taipei where once again Standard will be the format of choice. After that there will be two Modern Horizons Limited Grand Prix– Copenhagen and Washington DC. Then on the weekend of June 21, MagicFest Seattle hosts a Modern Horizons Limited Grand Prix the same weekend as Mythic Championship III.

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