Miracles Sideboard Guide

Legacy GP weekend is around the corner, so it’s time to make the final adjustments to the deck and create a sideboard plan.
As many of you already know, Miracles will be my weapon of choice—I’ve been playing it a lot and I have no reason not to pack it.


Legacy is probably the most wide open format in Magic—there are tons of decks, and I can’t cover them all. I will only go deep on 4 matchups, but I will tell you the cards you can most safely cut from the main deck:


Very often you’ll find yourself boarding out a land against decks without Wasteland. This deck runs 21 lands and a large number of cantrips—it isn’t hard for Miracles to keep a 1-land hand and dig for a second and third.

On the other hand, if your opponent is on the tempo plan, you can’t board out a land—they might not only run Wasteland and Daze, but even Stifle to hit your fetches.


Ponder is among the worst cards in the deck, but never terrible. Post-sideboard it helps you function even with a Pithing Needle in play naming Sensei’s Divining Top. Cut one of these if you are totally out of options.


This is a sideboard card that moved into the main deck because of the vast number of blue decks I kept facing online. I’m not sure if the Grand Prix metagame will mirror Magic Online’s, but I’m confident in having 1 Pyroblast in my main deck, and will quickly board this out when I’m not playing against a blue deck.

Sensei’s Divining Top

I’d board out 1 Sensei’s Divining Top if I saw a lot of hate for it, like Pithing Needle and Null Rod. Miracles can operate without it—it’s hard, but doable.


Predict is a nice 1-of, good for card advantage but bad in a matchup where card advantage doesn’t matter, like combo or tempo. In those 2 matchups, you need to stop them in the early game at all costs—you’ll eventually find a way to get card advantage and overwhelm them.


I always cut 1 Counterbalance when I play against a deck with Abrupt Decay—it’s not that Counterbalance is awful, but because they can kill it.

This plan begins in the very late game. You don’t play a Counterbalance on turn 2 or 3 against Sultai Delver as you would against Grixis Delver—you deal with their threats, stabilize the board, and when the dust settles you can play it.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Jace, the Mind Sculptor is an insane card, but when you are paired against a deck with 2/3 Pyroblast and 3/4 Lightning Bolt, it’s safe to board Jace out—you don’t want to trade 4 mana for 1.

Force of Will

I like Force of Will against almost every deck when playing Miracles to cover my bases against whatever threat they play, but against Hymn to Tourach, I can see boarding 4 out.

Here’s how I sideboard against the most important decks in Legacy:




You keep 1 Terminus for Monastery Mentor, while against the legend version you keep 2 Swords to Plowshares, board out all your copies of Terminus and 1 Ponder.

The matchup relies a lot on Counterbalance—that why it’s important to leave 1 red mana up to bluff a counter right away. Flusterstorm helps you in those counter-wars in the early game on Counterbalance.

Predict will do a nice job in the mirror match because it can be played on your opponent’s deck as well.

Grixis Delver



No one ever plays Path to Exile in Miracles. I like the card a lot more than Izzet Staticaster—it’s great in this matchup and against Eldrazi, whereas Staticaster isn’t great against a deck with Daze, Bolt, and REB.

It’s very important to fetch for basic Mountains whenever you can, because Pyroblast is among the best cards you can have.

Shardless Sultai



Even if they have Wasteland, I’m confident in boarding out a land—Shardless Sultai hardly goes on the mana denial plan early in the game, and you are always going to fetch for a basic land in order to make your Ruinations effective.

I also like to board out a couple of removal spells because they are going to play around Terminus, and between Liliana of the Veil and Hymn to Tourach they might get rid of your removal spells before you have the right target for them.

Vendilion Clique does a great job of killing planeswalkers, which is the most threatening thing in this matchup. It also clears the path for your two haymakers at 4 mana: Jace and Ruination.

Ad Nauseam Tendrils



I keep in 2 Terminus because of Empty the Warrens and Xantid Swarm.

I’m not a fan of boarding in Rest in Peace against ANT, mainly because of my own Snapcaster Mage. Wear // Tear needs to destroy City of Solitude, which is going to ruin everything if it ever comes into play.

Game 1 is all about resolving Counterbalance. In game 2, they’ll have Abrupt Decay for it, but if they try to go late game, you can Surgical Extraction Abrupt Decay, and then resolve another Counterbalance to feel safe.

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