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Sorry for the delay on this answer, but the Pro Tour snuck up on me. I spent the weekend figuring out what the plays were instead of writing about them, though there were certainly some interesting situations.

Here’s where we left off:

The Situation


There are plenty of options here, from the defensive to the extremely ambitious (hint: casting Kothophed is not the play). The opponent has a very solid board presence, though our Sentinel means that we are probably in good shape as long as it survives.

The first thing to note is that we can’t attack with Sentinel unless we cast Weight of the Underworld. The opponent will assuredly double-block, and losing Sentinel is definitely not a good road to go down.

The second piece of the puzzle is that our two high-impact plays, Revenant and Kothophed, both use all of our mana. Given how many good cards are in our hand, I would really like to play two cards this turn, given that doing so accomplishes some good things.

If we have ruled out Kothophed and Revenant, we are left with four options, of which we can play any two. I don’t like playing Auramancer unless Weight is in the underworld (instead of being of it), but given that we haven’t attacked yet, it may end up there. Eyeblight Assassin is a decent option, as it gets the Goblin token out of the way, but if the opponent doesn’t chump this turn, it’s much better to wait on Assassin in order to get Blood-Cursed Knight into play.

Given that playing Weight lets us attack, that’s where I’d start. Where we go from there depends on what the opponent does.

My Play

Cast Weight on the Prickleboar, because it’s a much bigger threat than the Guardian Automaton, and because it delays the opponent gaining the 3 life from Automaton dying (though that’s a minor point). After casting Weight, send the Sentinel into Chandra, and expect to see a chump block by either the Boar or the Goblin token.

Either way, cast Blood-Cursed Knight postcombat. Getting the Knight’s lifelink online is one of the best ways to close out this game, and even if the opponent chumped with Boar, next turn we can Auramancer back Weight, cast it on Automaton, and get at least one hit in with a 4/3 lifelinking Knight.

This line of play lets us attack with Sentinel, gets a big threat into play, and negates most of the opponent’s possibilities of attacking. Even if the opponent has a bounce spell to bounce Sentinel, you can chump the 6/6 with Cleric of the Forward Order, and use Blood-Cursed Knight to hold off the other creatures (especially if the opponent left Prickleboar in play, which I think is the most likely course of action).

As it turned out, the opponent did chump with the Goblin, had no bounce spell for Sentinel, and lost in short order. Success!


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