Isaak Krut Wins Grand Prix New Jersey

The first Grand Prix to feature Theros Beyond Death was one to remember. Taking place at MagicFest New Jersey, Grand Prix New Jersey featured 1,436 competitors on Day One. That made it one of the largest main events in the United States in some time. Combined with the MagicFest, the hall had reached capacity before noon on Saturday.

Despite delays to some side events, the tournaments all went on. At the end of Sunday 8 players remained. The eventual Grand Prix Champion – Isaak Krut – had a difficult path to victory. First he had to dispatch Pro Tour Champion Andrew Elenbogen, followed by multiple Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Collin Rountree. Krut found himself down a game early to Christian Trudel but was able to battle back in games two and three to take down the first Theros Beyond Death Limited Grand Prix!


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