#GPVegas Modern Masters 2015 Sealed Practice

The Pool

Imagine you sit down in a room filled with 10,000 people in Las Vegas, Nevada and you crack open your Sealed pool for the Grand Prix, and this is what you get.







Artifact and Colorless




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What do you build?

My Build



I built a 5­-color control deck.This is the third Sealed pool I’ve gotten to look at, and all three times it seemed not just correct, but clearly correct, to build a 5­-color control deck.

Interestingly this one looks like it has the least mana-fixing of all three. In my other pools I usually had some number of Rampant Growth and more bouncelands. Despite that, I still have some great options with Sphere of the Suns, two Alloy Myr, Fiery Fall, Sylvan Bounty, and Azorius Chancery. With two Tribal Flames and a Skyreach Manta there’s an incentive to go 5 colors, but it’s not huge. The plentiful amount of cheap removal and playable artifact cards, however, are the big draw here. When you have a deck that can cast SIX good removal spells off two mana you know it’s easy to prolong the game and maintain a high life total, giving you more natural draw steps to hit more of your colored mana without having to work for it.

Another cool aspect of this deck is that it has three Cathodion which is a very efficiently-costed creature. No matter how poorly your mana draw is, as long as you have three lands you can cast it and try to gum up the board.

There’s a pretty obvious build of red­/green beatdown here and I imagine that’s a fine deck, but the 5­-color control decks in this format are lean machines. They contain removal, mana-fixing, and bombs—and that’s it. The downside is low since there’s so much incidental fixing and good plays to make when you don’t have all your colors (artifacts and cheap removal) and you get to just play every bomb you open.

There’s some chance this deck needs a second Island to help facilitate the Niv­-Mizzet, but with two blue ­producing lands and three sources of artifact mana that can make blue it doesn’t seem terribly unlikely that I can draw some of those together and cast the Dragon. It’s also a late-game play that I don’t need to be able to cast on turn six.


So, how does your build match up to mine?

Owen Turtenwald

qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnuj on Magic Online

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