Deck of the Day – Creatureless WB Control

WB Control managed to take down the Pro Tour despite its very pilots noting that they didn’t have a great Bant Company matchup and weren’t expecting a bunch of Emrakul decks—which they were also soft to.


This just goes to show how powerful the strategy of WB Control can be, even in the face of a complete misread of the metagame. The post-sideboard configuration and power level of their cards were able to carry Blohon and several teammates to success anyway!

One of the focal points of Blohon’s deck was Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and Archangel Avacyn. These were powerful creatures in the metagame and he loaded up on them in the main deck. But if that deck missed the mark in predicting the metagame going forward, you should be looking for changes to improve the deck. Perhaps the answer is going back to creatureless?

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is awesome, but its position in the format wavers between being excellent and really poor. Against many of the other slower decks in the format, Gideon represents a fast clock that doesn’t care much about Kozilek’s Return or Languish. If you’re able to overload their Ruinous Paths with your planeswalkers, you can ride that to victory. Gideon is not strong against Spell Queller or the other flash aspects of Bant Company, but it may be so good in other matchups that it’s still where you want to be.

Sorin, Grim Nemesis and Ob Nixilis Reignited are well positioned due to their resilience to Spell Queller and the amount of card advantage they will gain if left unanswered for any period of time.

Languish is still an awesome sweeper and a great card choice in Standard, but Planar Outburst has also gone up in value. With so many decks either playing Languish themselves or trying to beat it, Outburst continues to move up. It’s also a way to deal with Emrakul, the Promised End, even if they take your turn. They won’t cast it for you, but you certainly can on your extra turn.

Grasp of Darkness is the best removal spell when Bant Company with Spell Queller is around. Ruinous Path can kill Lilianas and other oppressive planeswalkers. Ultimate Price is next on the list, weakened only by Queller being gold. And finally Anguished Unmaking is a nice way to deal with problematic permanents, such as planeswalkers or… Demonic Pact?

Oath of Liliana in a deck full of planeswalkers will help you amass a reasonable army to protect yourself and your super friends while also providing value in its edict effect.

Secure the Wastes plus Westvale Abbey has been on a severe decline of late, but it still works just like it always did. Ormendahl struggles to attack through Emrakul, but your deck actually has a reasonable number of answers to the powerful Eldrazi.

After sideboard, you can bring in Kalitas when it’s good, or optimize your removal suite and up your discard or sweeper options. With so many awesome white and black cards in the format, there are tons of ways to build a successful WB Control deck. Creatures or creatureless, WB will find ways to adapt with the metagame!

BW Control

Macus Angelin, Top 16 GP at RIMINI 2016

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