Deck of the Day: Boros Aggro (Pauper)

I love playing an aggro deck that isn’t all-in on pure aggression. Throw in some card draw, interaction, and sweet synergies, and you have all the makings of what I love in this game. This particular Pauper deck has all of these qualities.

Glint Hawk and Kor Skyfisher are cheap flying creatures with what should be a drawback. Returning a permanent—or worse, an artifact—to your hand is a real cost. These cards slow down your progression, but you’re getting a 2-power flyer for 1 or 2 mana. If you have artifacts that you can bounce for value, Glint Hawk’s drawback becomes a benefit. Kor Skyfisher has even more synergies.

Thraben Inspector is one of those cards that Skyfisher can bounce for value. Your investment of just a single mana can be deployed again on a later turn and you’re getting an additional Clue worth of value in the exchange. When you don’t have the extra mana or you don’t need those cards, Glint Hawk can “bounce” your Clue token, effectively sacrificing it for a cheap 2-power flyer.

Ichor Wellspring and Prophetic Prism are more exciting. They’re cheap artifacts and replace themselves with a card, and they’re even better when they’re being bounced for value. Returning these to your hand lets you build your own Mulldrifters!

Sacrificing Ichor Wellspring has additional value in getting to draw an additional card, but if you’re through bouncing your Prisms or have extra artifacts in play, it’s not much of a cost to sacrifice those either. Kuldotha Rebirth is another cheap way to get a bunch of power onto the battlefield. Having that power split up across several creatures enhances the power of your pump effects.

Battle Screech turns your cheap white creatures into additional threats. Battle Screech will often resemble Lingering Souls with flashback, only asking for you to have a single white creature in play to maximize your token-making potential in a single turn for 4 mana.

With all of these tokens and cheap flying threats, Rally the Peasants is a great finisher. Battle Screech can make 4 tokens, and Kuldotha Rebirth can make 3. Rally pumping up all these creatures will often be lethal.


You’ll want to back up all of this damage with some cheap burn spells. Lightning Bolt is a no-brainer as 3 damage for 1 mana at instant speed is an unbeatable rate—except, perhaps, by Galvanic Blast. If you’re able to keep a few artifacts in play, Galvanic Blast is just Lightning Bolt on steroids. 4 damage for 1 mana is absurd, and you can burn people out from high life totals with these cards.

This is where the artifact lands become so insane. You have Glint Hawks, Kuldotha Rebirth, and Galvanic Blasts, and Ancient Den and Great Furnace allow this deck to operate on another level.

Pauper has some serious deck building restrictions, but it’s sometimes hard to tell as these decks are nearly as fast, if not faster, than many decks in Modern!

Boros Aggro

SWAHILI, 5-0 in an MTGO League

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