Deck of the Day: 5-Color Saheeli Vehicles

Today’s deck definitely surprised me. It looks like two different decks that are looking to win the game in very different ways jammed together. And yet, maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.

This deck features a full playset of the Copycat combo. With access to 4 Saheeli Rai and 4 Felidar Guardian, you’ve got a reasonable chance of combo’ing off as early as turn 4. Either way, the threat will always be there. Felidar Guardian has a handful of useful creatures to blink, and Saheeli is still great at going aggro by creating creature tokens with haste, so both can have some utility even when they’re ending the game.

The strange thing about the deck is how aggressive some of its cards are. Scrapheap Scrounger is powerful, but it also doesn’t feel like the type of card you would want when you’re trying to set up a combo that can deal infinite damage. It will attack early, but it will never block, so it doesn’t have much utility in conjunction with 1/4s. It’s also useless to blink with a Felidar Guardian.

Heart of Kiran follows the same path, although this can be crewed by Saheeli to help protect her. If you’re going aggressive with Vehicles, the combo isn’t the ideal place to be, but maybe Heart is just big enough that it can play defense to protect Saheeli.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar also feels like a more aggressive planeswalker, but it does produce blockers and a high loyalty to help make sure you can crew your Hearts.

Servant of the Conduit will help up your energy count and fix your mana, and Rogue Refiner is an excellent target for any blink effect. Interestingly, this deck doesn’t run a single copy of Attune with Aether, despite playing 4 colors main, in addition to black for bringing back Scrapheap Scrounger and a Swamp in the sideboard.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar may be well positioned for a deck looking to attack and also protect itself from the combo. It is a bit bizarre that it is so bad with both Guardian and Saheeli (Thalia is also a legend), but it can crew the Heart!

Elder Deep-Fiend is a great finisher that goes well with any creatures you’ve already gotten value out of, tapping the opponent out so you can either combo or attack for lethal.

Oath of Chandra’s stock isn’t as high in a world of Snakes and Vehicles. Still, it’s an efficient removal spell that plays great with Felidar Guardian, and you even have plenty of planeswalkers to get extra triggers when you’re going aggro. Oath of Nissa helps find both pieces of the combo, while also fixing mana and being a great blink target.

This deck is definitely off the beaten path, and throws together many of the best cards in Standard to see what happens. It resulted in a 5-0 record in a MTGO Competitive League, so maybe that path is worth exploring!

5-Color Saheeli Vehicles

ENIGMATIZE, 5-0 MTGO Competitive League



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