Channel LSV: Modern Gauntlet – Loam Daily Event #2

As promised, here’s the second Daily Event I played with the Loam deck. Once again, I used this list:

[deck]3 Faithless Looting
4 Life from the Loam
3 Raven’s Crime
3 Seismic Assault
4 Dark Confidant
4 Tarmogoyf
2 Inquisition of Kozilek
3 Liliana of the Veil
3 Flame Jab
1 Worm Harvest
1 Eternal Witness
1 Terminate
4 Blackcleave Cliffs
2 Blood Crypt
1 Bojuka Bog
1 Fire-Lit Thicket
1 Forest
2 Ghost Quarter
4 Graven Cairns
1 Lavaclaw Reaches
2 Misty Rainforest
1 Mountain
1 Overgrown Tomb
1 Stomping Ground
1 Swamp
1 Twilight Mire
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
4 Verdant Catacombs
3 Obstinate Baloth
3 Ancient Grudge
2 Pyroclasm
2 Thoughtseize
2 Torpor Orb
2 Nihil Spellbomb
1 Thorn of Amethyst[/deck]

I wanted to play it without making any changes, though after battling in the two events, I’d probably adjust the sideboard a little. The maindeck was actually surprisingly close to being where I wanted it, and unless you felt like trying 1-2 different cards, I wouldn’t change much. Opposing Tarmogoyfs were still a little annoying, but other than that the deck seemed very solid.

Channel LSV: Modern Gauntlet – Loam Daily Event #2

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