A Paradoxical Puzzle

While preparing for the upcoming Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, I’ve been considering a lot of wacky combos, and I’m particularly fond of the ones that basically need an entire spreadsheet to figure out.

This gave me an idea for a number-crunching game state that could technically happen at the Pro Tour this weekend. It’s not particularly likely, I will admit, and I probably won’t play any of these decks, but I do harbor some hope that we will see surprising and convoluted board states during the Standard rounds. I can already imagine the commentators and Twitch chat going crazy.

Can you win the game this turn?

It’s your first main phase, and you have the following cards in play:

You only have 1 card in hand, a Greenbelt Rampager, and you currently have 1 energy.

This looks promising, but there is a problem: Your opponent has 2 Authority of the Consuls and an Aetherflux Reservoir in play.

They are at 22 life, and you suspect they can kill you next turn with a flurry of Bone Saws and Paradoxical Outcomes.

The question is: Can you win the game this turn, before the opponent gets up to more than 50 life?


My answer is provided in the following video.

If you got through all that, then I have a follow-up question: If the opponent had only 1 copy of Authority of the Consuls on the battlefield, what is their maximum life total that you could still beat? How about 3 or 4 Authority of the Consuls? Post your answers in the comment section below!

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