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Mystery Booster Draft Playtest Cards “Review”

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis look more closely at the Mystery Booster Pack format, break down how it works, and then go over all of the insane playtest cards you can open in the convention version of this set!

MCVII and the Paywall to Brawl

Mythic Championship VII is in the books and it was either great for Magic, or terrible for Magic. We talk about what’s gotten better and what’s gotten worse in 2019 for events and tournaments. Also, why we gotta pay to brawl?

Riley Knight Golden Egg Historic Art Banner

Grinding Historic with Esper Dance

If you’re ready to start climbing the ranks in Historic, Riley’s got a combo-ish build abusing Danse of the Manse and some of the best control cards from Standard’s past.

Puzzle: Gettin’ Lucky (Difficulty – Mythic)

[Solution Added] It’s been one of those games where you’ve grinded the opponent down to their final life points, but now the board appears to be totally gummed up. Rest assured though, there’s a way to win it if you find luck on your side.

The Brawl Project: Lessons Learned

From lands to planeswalkers to the best (and worst) colors, Brawl expert Sunyveil has a few important takeaways from the first 7 weeks of exploring the format.

Thraximundar Art

Thraximundar Reforged

After a decade, Eric Levine is updating some of his favorite Commander lists, starting with Thraximundar!

Limited Resources podcast

AMA with Marshall!

This week on Limited Resources Marshall flies solo and answers your questions on an AMA episode! He covers a wide, wide range of topics, and even some Magic stuff in there too. 

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