Golos Field Fires

How to Win the Golos Mirror

Few things are more important right now than having a plan for the Golos mirror. Josh provides a highly detailed breakdown of how to stay one step ahead.

Announcing Team CFB MTG

Announcing Team CFB

ChannelFireball is officially launching an esports team, and today Hall of Famer LSV introduces the star-studded roster of Team CFB.

Hedron Crab Vengevine Modern

Once Upon a Vine in Modern

You can’t keep a good Vine down – Vengevine is back, and today Gabe breaks down the CrabVine decks that have taken Modern by storm!

Yorvo MTG

Puzzle: Yorvo Yolo

Magic’s newest hyper-efficient beater is at the center of this week’s puzzle, but he doesn’t have much help. Can you win this turn?

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