Modern Esper Mentor Deck Guide

Esper Mentor is hopefully (fingers cross) not affected by the upcoming bans. Andrea Mengucci wrote a deck guide to help you feel good about playing Modern despite any upcoming changes in the format.

Scry Me a River podcast

Don’t Poison Your Friends – Scry Me a River

This week, Denis and Riley discuss the listener-submitted suggestions for how to decide who goes first, advise on how to stop being the EDH archenemy, talk about the way competitive players influence casual Magic, and then Denis tilts off ferociously about an LGS Horror Story.

Core Set 2021 Re-Review

Core Set 2021 has been out for a few weeks and Luis Scott-Vargas has spent hours drafting since then. Check out his updated Limited ratings!

Mono-Black Aggro Deck Guide

Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza on the Mono-Black deck that brough Teruya Kakumae to #1 in Mythic before everyone else this month.

The Monday Meta – Mono Black Aggro, PawBlade and Historic

This week Mashi and Martin discuss some new decks that have hit the scene in the largely stale Standard Metagame – Mono Black Aggro and PawBlade. Do either of these decks have what it takes to be a true Standard contender? M&M also dive into the current Historic metagame for the first time, discussing the top decks in the format.

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