Unraveling Mystery Drafts

Mystery Booster Drafts have been a highlight of MagicFest events. Josh Silvestri discusses how fun they can be and suggests you try them out at your LGS.

Scry Me a River podcast

Riley’s Shameful Snack Secrets – Scry Me A River

This week, Denis and Riley explore the establishment and enforcement of house rules, how to become the villain in your playgroup (and why you should), share some top-shelf Power Moves, and uncover a deep, shameful secret that Riley had never before revealed to anyone.

Oops Emote MTG Arena Banner

A Case For “Un” Cards in Commander

There’s the Magic Pro League, the Rivals League, but there’s plenty of room for players in the Bush League. Spice8Rack shows you how to master one of MTG Arena’s few effective little tricks.

Niv to Light Deck Guide

Check out Mengu’s pro guide on how to play Niv to Light in Pioneer. He breaks down every piece of this deck and all of it’s advantages.

Rakdos Sacrifice Deck Guide

Check out Martin Juza’s detailed explanation of the perfectly aggressive Rakdos Sacrifice deck in Standard, including a complete sideboard guide.

haktos the unscarred commander article banner

Haktos the Uncool

Eric imagines a world in which Haktos does not work well with others. He’s got a list packing plenty of Soldiers of fortune to back him up in his latest Commander brew!

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Tedin Tribal

While this deck might not be the most powerful you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely one of the coolest and certainly one of the most unique – an entire Commander deck built exclusively with cards illustrated by Mark Tedin.

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