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Team ChannelFireball

When ChannelFireball burst onto the scene at Pro Tour Paris 2011 it was clear right away that they had defined the next level of competitive Magic. The team proved to dominate the Pro Tours for years to come, and even now that professional teams are the norm, ChannelFireball is still at the top of the game


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Luis Scott-Vargas

About Luis Scott-Vargas:

Luis is known to be a master of the pun, a lover of the most precious spells, and generally one of the most adroit persons on the Pro Tour. And although his friendliness is genuine, Luis is also one of the fiercest competitors and most successful players in the game. Captain of ChannelFireball, he is considered the best player in the world by many, and keeps the team organized and on track for upcoming events. Known for his love of control strategies in Limited and Constructed, he's trusted to determine whether that's a viable archetype during testing.

Notable Finishes:

Nickname: LSV
Age: 31
Nationality: United States
Qualified via Pro Club Silver Level, Hall of Fame
Pro Points: 400 lifetime, 16 in 2014–15

Pro Tour Debut: San Diego 2004
Pro Tours Played: 38
Median: 55
80%-Quantile: 12.1
Top 8: 5 Pro Tours (1 win), 13 Grand Prix (5 wins), and 3 Nationals (1 win)
Planeswalker Level: 49 (Archmage)
Other Accomplishments: 2013 Hall of Fame class (vote leader); $271,555 career earnings; only player in the era of 16-round Pro Tours to finish the Swiss with a perfect 16–0 record

Josh Utter-Leyton

About Josh Utter-Leyton:

Josh's versatility as a player is legend, and goes hand in hand with his ability to choose the correct deck for a tournament, where many others would fall for their own preferences. His skills are accompanied by a workhorse mentality that enable Josh to sculpt a good deck into tournament-winning engine over the course of testing.

Notable Finishes:

Nickname: wrapter
Age: 29
Nationality: United States
Qualified via Pro Club Platinum Level
Pro Points: 296 lifetime, 18 in 2014–15

Pro Tour Debut: Hollywood 2008
Pro Tours played: 24
Median: 85.5
80%-Quantile: 13.8
Top 8: 5 Pro Tours, 9 Grand Prix, 1 Nationals (1 win), and 2 Worlds
Planeswalker level: 48 (Archmage)
Other accomplishments: 2012–13 Player of the Year; $176,000 career earnings

David Ochoa

About David Ochoa:

David is connoisseur of all things food, drinks, and Magic. His love for Vintage Magic is well-established, but when the broken cards must be put aside, his patience and accuracy make him the ideal choice to pilot midrange decks.

Notable Finishes:

Nickname: Web/Webster
Age: 33
Nationality: United States
Qualified via Pro Club Gold Level
Pro Points: 245 lifetime, 11 in 2014–15

Pro Tour Debut: Philadelphia 2005
Pro Tours Played: 26
Median: 91
80%-Quantile: 39.4
Top 8: 1 Pro Tour, 5 Grand Prix, and 1 Nationals
Planeswalker Level: 49 (Archmage)
Other Accomplishments: $100,780 career earnings

Paul Cheon

About Paul Cheon:

Going into GP San Jose there was exactly one result a win that would give Paul the Pro Club Silver level and thus a late invite to Pro Tour Fate Reforged: a win. When the going gets tough the best get going they say, and the team of LSV, EFro, and Paul once again proved that they are among the very best by taking down the whole event.

Notable Finishes:

Age: 29
Nationality: United States
Qualified via Pro Club Silver Level
Pro Points: 148 lifetime, 20 in 2014–15

Pro Tour Debut: Kobe 2006
Pro Tours played: 13
Median: 63
80%-Quantile: 41.5
Top 8: 8 Grand Prix (3 wins), and 2 Nationals (1 win)
Planeswalker level: 44 (Battlemage)
Other accomplishments: $55,846 career earnings

Matt Nass

About Matt Nass:

Matt is a successful Grand Prix warrior and long-term member of Team ChannelFireball. After a year of Pro Tour absence he is back and eager to follow up his Grand Prix Nashville victory with a high-class finish at Pro Tour Fate Reforged.

Notable Finishes:

Age: 23
Nationality: United States
Qualified via GP Nashville – Top 4 Teams
Pro Points: 107 lifetime, 7 in 2014–15

Pro Tour Debut: San Diego 2010
Pro Tours played: 13
Median: 187
80%-Quantile: 51.6
Top 8: 5 Grand Prix (2 wins)
Planeswalker level: 47 (Archmage)