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Luis Scott-Vargas

About Luis Scott-Vargas:

LSV, "team captain" of ChannelFireball, is considered the best player in the world by many, and keeps the team organized and on track for upcoming events. Known for his love of control strategies in Limited and Constructed, he's trusted to determine whether that's a viable archetype during testing. Beyond his impressive list of achievements, he's the current record holder for most wins in the Swiss portion of a Pro Tour with a 16-0 run at PT San Diego in 2010, and has the highest median finish of any player with over 200 PT matches played. "I've had so many great experiences with the team, but one that really sticks out is when I was talking to Ben Stark the night before PT Paris in 2011. He was undecided on what to play, since we had both Caw-Blade and the UB Tezzeret Forgemaster deck that Martin Juza and the Czechs were playing. Ben didn't know which to play, since both looked good, but I pointed out that the Czechs didn't know whether they wanted Jace, the Mind Sculptor or Preordain as their last four cards. Even setting aside that both are broken cards, the fact that they weren't sure if their deck wanted the 1-mana smoothing cantrip or the 4-mana planeswalker meant that it wasn't as refined as Caw-Blade. Ben liked the logic, picked up Caw-Blade, and won the Pro Tour."

Notable Finishes:

• Pro Tour Berlin 2008 Champion

• U.S. National Champion 2007

Pro Tour Top 8s in Kyoto 2009, San Diego 2010, Nagoya 2011, and Worlds 2011

• 10 Grand Prix Top 8s

• Grand Prix San Francisco 2007 Champion
• Grand Prix Atlanta 2008 Champion
• Grand Prix Los Angeles 2009 Champion
• Grand Prix Kansas City 2011 Champion

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

About Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa:

With a staggering nine Pro Tour Top 8s, amounting to over one Top 8 in every four tries, it's easy to see why PV was inducted into the 2012 Hall of Fame by an overwhelming margin, making him the youngest inductee yet. While rightly recognized as a gifted all-around player, he brings a unique perspective to Team ChannelFireball in his ability to identify bad decks and dead-ends before too much time is wasted on them. Time is always an issue in PT testing, and when you can't playtest you must rely on theory—here PV truly excels as a teammate.

Notable Finishes:

• Pro Tour San Juan 2010 Champion
• Grand Prix Singapore 2011 Champion

• 12 Grand Prix Top 8s
• 9 Pro Tour Top 8s, in Charleston 2006, Worlds 2006, Hollywood 2008, Worlds 2008, Austin 2009, Worlds 2010, Worlds 2011, and Honolulu 2012

• Brazil National Champion 2006, 2009

Josh Utter-Leyton

About Josh Utter-Leyton:

Known by his Magic Online moniker "wrapter," Josh Utter-Leyton is Team ChannelFireball's most precise deckbuilder. By putting in a massive volume of test games, he reliably finds the best build of the best archetype, and wields it with quiet mastery. Though sometimes overshadowed by the personalities of his teammates, Utter-Leyton has slowly made it clear that he is a crucial component of the team's success. Wrapter is so well-respected that he can often convince a team with a strong preference for control to set down their counterspells and attack with creatures, as he did in 2011 at Worlds in San Francisco. Four members of Team ChannelFireball, including Josh, reached the Top 8—playing Tempered Steel.

Notable Finishes:

• U.S. National Champion 2010
Pro Tour Top 8s in San Juan 2010, Philadelphia 2011, Worlds 2011, and Pro Tour Dragon's Maze

Finalist at Grand Prix Chicago 2012 and Atlantic City 2013

• 7 Grand Prix Top 8s

David Ochoa

About David Ochoa:

A man of few words but large appetite, David "Web" Ochoa is one of the most consistent players on the Pro Tour. Patient above all else, Web is the ideal choice to pilot midrange decks that demand a careful use of resources during testing. It's no surprise, then, that his first Pro Tour Top 8 came playing Jund. Outside of testing, he's entrusted with the invaluable task of determining where the team should eat.

Notable Finishes:

• Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Top 4
• U.S. Nationals 2011 Finalist
Grand Prix Top 8s in Minneapolis 2009, Portland 2010, Austin 2012, Orlando 2012, and Costa Rica 2012

Pat Cox

About Pat Cox:

Despite his Pro Tour Top 8 and five Grand Prix Top 8s, Pat's proudest accomplishment is his acquisition of the original art of Wild Nacatl, a card he plays at each and every opportunity—and is certainly happy to see the Cat let out of his cage in Modern. For Pro Tour Born of the Gods, Team ChannelFireball will have a tireless advocate for Zoo and aggro decks in general.

Notable Finishes:


Top 8, Pro Tour Nagoya
• Grand Prix Finalist in Austin 2012 and Denver 2012
Grand Prix Top 8s in Oakland 2010, Toronto 2010, Charleston 2012
• SCG Invitational Champion

Ben Stark

About Ben Stark:

Widely regarded as the best Limited player in the world, Ben Stark ensures that Team ChannelFireball is uniquely prepared for the draft portion. His talents are hardly constrained to Limited, of course, as he's put up as many strong finishes in premier-level Constructed events.

Notable Finishes:

• Pro Tour Paris 2011 Champion

Pro Tour Top 8s in San Diego, Kobe 2004, and Pro Tour Gatecrash

• Grand Prix Indianapolis 2013 Champion
• Grand Prix Boston 2009 Finalist
• Grand Prix Atlanta 2011 Finalist

Eric Froehlich

About Eric Froehlich:

Eric Froehlich, "EFro" or "Frodog Millionaire," is a top-level poker pro and old-school Magic pro, who still finds time from his busy career to enjoy Magic. Among his many accomplishments, he designed some of the best Constructed decks on the Pro Tour before the advent of the internet. EFro has an excellent eye for deck selection, and keeps Team ChannelFireball from indulging their desire to brew in Limited—with limited success.

Notable Finishes:

Pro Tour Top 8s in San Diego 2002, Worlds 2010, and Pro Tour Gatecrash

Grand Prix Top 8s in Toronto 2010, Anaheim 2012, San Diego 2013, and Pittsburgh 2013
Team Grand Prix Top 4s in New Jersey 2001, Amsterdam 2002, Washington D.C. 2003, Madison 2006, San Jose 2012

Martin Juza

About Martin Juza:

Martin is considered one of the top players in the world and a rare Limited specialist, with multiple Grand Prix Top 8s and wins to show for it. His busy travel schedule has him attending most Grands Prix worldwide, and he brings an international perspective on preparation to Team ChannelFireball.

Notable Finishes:

Pro Tour Top 8s in Berlin 2008 and Austin 2009
Finalist of Grand Prix Bangkok 2009, Brighton 2009, and Denver 2011

• 3-time Czech National Champion

• Grand Prix Portland 2010 Champion
• Grand Prix Bochum 2010 Champion
• Grand Prix Hiroshima 2011 Champion
• Grand Prix Bochum 2012 Champion

Shuhei Nakamura

About Shuhei Nakamura:

With the 2nd highest number of lifetime Pro Points, Shuhei Nakamura is without any doubt one of the best players in the world. In testing with Team ChannelFireball, he ensures that every deck is given a thorough shot in testing, and continually awes team members with his uncanny ability to win drafts with horrible cards.

Notable Finishes:

• 2008 Player of the Year
• Japanese National Champion 2009
• Pro Tour Columbus 2005 Finalist
• 6-time Grand Prix Champion: St. Louis 2006, Hiroshima 2006, Stuttgart 2007, Costa Rica 2012, Philadelphia 2012, Hong Kong 2013

Brian Kibler

About Brian Kibler:

2010 Hall of Fame inductee Brian Kibler, "The Dragonmaster," is known for his keen sense for the metagame—and has the results to back it up. With strong finishes by any measure early in Magic's history, it was his return to Magic and a Pro Tour win in Austin 2009 that cemented his status as a world-class player. If there's a good red/green deck of any variety in the format, be certain that Brian Kibler will find it and probably win with it. His mastery of Magic no doubt lends him a unique perspective on game design, which he has applied to two immensely successful projects, Ascension and Solforge.

Notable Finishes:

• Pro Tour Austin 2009 Champion
• Pro Tour Dark Ascension Champion
Pro Tour Top 8s in Chicago 2001, Honolulu 2009, and Amsterdam 2010

• Grand Prix Toronto 1997 Champion
• Grand Prix Boston 2002 Champion
• Grand Prix Sendai 2010 Champion

• 13 Grand Prix Top 8s

Shahar Shenhar

About Shahar Shenhar:

The newest addition to the team, Shahar's resume speaks for itself: GP wins at Salt Lake City and San Diego, and one of the highest GP Top 64 percentages around. A Platinum level pro that constantly pushes to improve, look for him to transfer that success to the PT level.

Notable Finishes:

• 2013 Magic World Champion
• 2013 Israel National Champion

• Grand Prix San Diego 2011 Champion
• Grand Prix Salt Lake City 2012 Champion
• Grand Prix Houston 2013 Champion
Grand Prix Top 8s in Columbus 2012 and Verona 2013